Ahoy New York Food Tour – Why It’s Not Just a Food Tour | Review 

To be absolutely honest, I had some reservations about how much I would learn on the Ahoy New York Food Tour. After all, I’d lived in NYC for 4 years and pretty much spent every other weekend roaming the streets of Chinatown in search for legit dimsum, Singaporean comfort food and groceries. As for Little Italy, I didn’t care much for it after my first year because it seemed full of touristy restaurants that didn’t serve very authentic food. There were much better Italian options you could find in hole-in-the-wall eateries in the East Village.

So what could the Ahoy New York food tour through Little Italy and Chinatown teach us?

Plenty, as it turned out.

Rich History

For one, despite knowing which restaurants were good and which to avoid in Little Italy & Chinatown, I didn’t know anything about the history of both neighbourhoods. Did you know that little Italy used to be way bigger than its Chinese counterpart even though now, ironically, the converse is true? Or that the first tenement house in Chinatown is still there?  We could never have imagined that there would be so many secrets and stories hidden in the back alleys. With the use of maps and visual aids, our guide was able to transport us back to the Mafia-ridden days with his tales of turmoil, just so we could imagine how complex and different these neighbourhoods were then.

Ahoy New York Food Tour

Local Vendors

What is really cool about the tour is its selection of local vendors, most of whom have been part of the community for the past few decades and some, even for a century! In a city like New York, competition is absolutely brutal. So the fact that these stores have thrived for so many years speaks volumes of the quality of their food and attention to customer service, which we were fortunate to experience first hand!

Ahoy New York Food Tour

Homemade pasta at Piemonte Ravioli!

Mouth-Watering Food 

A food tour is nothing without delicious food, and with 7 food stops over 3 hours, it was clear that our guide considered it necessary to keep our mouths moving constantly. From pasta to prosciutto, and mozzarella to mantou, our taste buds were constantly tantalised by fresh flavours that were incredibly authentic considering how the origins of these dishes were thousands of miles away. We’re talking about dumplings bursting with flavour, cannolis that felt like spring had blossomed in our mouths, and pasta sauce so full of natural sweetness, we wanted to bring it back to Singapore with us! Sadly for us, the sauce was too fresh to survive the 24 hour journey back.

Ahoy New York Food Tour

Sampling piave, pecorino and olives at Di Palo’s Fine Foods

AhoyNew York Food Tour

Nothing says Chinatown better than dimsum at Nom Wah Tea Parlor, the first dimsum parlor in New York!

Food for Thought 

As foodies, we also loved how our guide took the effort to explain exactly where these dishes hailed from, and even what their names meant. These little nuggets of information made us so much more appreciative of what we were eating, and shed light on how the history of these dishes are inextricably tied up with the stories of the immigrants. It really got us thinking about how little we actually know about the food we consume on a daily basis!

Ahoy New York Food Tour


Whether you’re a native New Yorker or first-time visitor, the Ahoy New York Food Tour is definitely worth checking out. It not only revealed to us how rich New York City’s history was, but also how little we know about it. While we wouldn’t claim that the food on the tour is the best Italian and Chinese food we’ve ever had, we enjoyed every single dish we were served and were making mental checklists of the ones we wanted to visit again in future. We left the tour not only with full stomachs, but with hearts full of desire to continue peeling back the layers of these neighbourhoods.

Details of Ahoy New York Food Tour

Cost: $51
Duration: 3 hours
Includes: 7 food stops and tons of recommendations
Tips: Go hungry and don’t make lunch plans after!

ETSY Explores were guests of Ahoy New York Food Tours. However, all opinions remain ours and are completely unbiased.

This article first appeared in ETSY Explores.


  1. MMMM!!! I’ll be in NYC next week and this looks like a delicious way to spend an afternoon! Thanks for the great tip!

    • Oh yay!! So glad that this will be useful for you! Have loads of fun and I would love to hear about your experience (:

  2. I will spend a week in NYC in August! I’ll make sure to check this article closer to my departure!!!! I’m so excited now lol

    • Hey Melina! I’m so excited for you too!! NYC is our favourite city in the world! How long will you be there for? Do check out our food guide as well for all the gastrorgasmic food NY has to offer! ?

  3. This looks like a tour I would really enjoy: I love to learn about a city through food and the local vendors are always fun! I took a food tour in my city once (Rome) and it taught me more than I expected: I feel it’s often worth it to try one, even in a place we know well

    • Hey Marta! We couldn’t agree more because we love food and feel that it reveals so much about different cultures! Would love to know more about that food tour you took in Rome!

  4. I love that even though you had 4 years of life in NYC, you still indulged in getting to know it even better! Looks like a fantastic tour, and I am always one up for anything Italian! Thanks for sharing the experience!

    • Hey Amy! Haha the beautiful thing about NYC is that every time I visit, I discover something new that makes me fall in love with it all over again (: Do check out the tour the next time you’re in the city!

  5. So much food! Love it! Think I would be well up for doing this tour. Italian and Chinese food are two of my favourites!

    • Haha Italian and Chinese are two of my favourite as well! That’s why it was so nice to see both on this tour 😀 Tell me if you love it!

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