A Gastrorgasmic Food Guide to Bangkok

There are few cities in the world that I personally think could rival Singapore as foodie paradise in terms of value and variety. Bangkok, admittedly, is one of them. We spent a weekend there and left feeling like we want to go back every other weekend because every meal we …

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A Gastrorgasmic Street Food Guide to Penang


Gastrorgasm (n): an intensely pleasurable experience elicited by the consumption of incredibly delicious food, usually with explosive flavours. Likely to induce moans and groans. 

A Gastrorgasmic Food Guide to Tokyo

Gastrorgasmic Food Guide to Tokyo

What to Eat in Tokyo In a land where even the consumption of fast food (think: Yoshinoya and Mos Burger) can bring tears of joy to one’s eyes, I dare say that finding a bad meal in Japan is actually a challenge. But with so many options, where would you …

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Where to Find the Best Beef Noodles in Taipei

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Warning: This will make you hungry. You know a city takes its beef noodles seriously when they actually organise an ANNUAL FESTIVAL to celebrate this culinary tradition and decide on which restaurant is deserving of the claim that they have the best beef noodles in the city. To the husband’s horror, I …

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Best Cafes to Work at in Singapore (Part 2)


If the popularity of our first article on the best cafes to work at in Singapore is anything to go by, the demand for good cafes to work and study at has only been increasing. After all, a conducive environment with free wifi, ample powerpoints and great food to boot could …

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Review: Violet Oon’s Kitchen


So, I just had one of my best meals of the year at Violet Oon’s Kitchen. I’m not even kidding. My gastrorgasm levels are off the charts now because every dish was So. Damn. Good.  But I always tell ET that it’s important not to raise expectations when gushing about …

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Ideal Restaurants in Singapore for Big Groups


If you’ve ever been tasked with planning a gathering for a big group of people, you’ll understand the frustrations of finding an ideal place – there has to be enough space for people to move around (ideally with a private area), the food needs to be good, and as far …

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Chasing the Coffee Bandits


After watching the film Chef, we became very intrigued by food trucks. I remember them being all the rage in New York around the time I left (2011), although I think that popularity is still incomparable to the craze in L.A. So considering Singapore’s love for jumping on trend bandwagons, …

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Best Cafes to Work at in Singapore (Part 1)

Best Cafes to Work at in Singapore

UPDATE: We have a NEW list of awesome cafes in Singapore that are conducive for working and studying! Find the link at the end of this post! It’s that time of the year. The marking season has descended upon us, which explains the strange phenomenon of grown adults all over the …

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