Why We Can’t Stop Recommending the Entertainer

“What is the Entertainer? We get a free clown?”

True story. This conversation actually happened when I tried to offer a friend our Entertainer vouchers for his date. Unlike what its name might suggest, the Entertainer is not a one-stop service for clowns or magicians, although methinks it is pretty magical that one app can contain so much goodness.

If you haven’t heard of the Entertainer yet, we regret to inform you that you’ve missed out on at least five years worth of good deals. We first found out about the Entertainer book at the Savour gourmet food festival in 2013, and were initially skeptical about paying $90 for a book of vouchers. The ones given to us by credit cards never seemed to be usable because they always included some irritating catch or hidden clause! For example, get a main course free … when you spend a minimum of $200. Or, enjoy a free massage! … when you sign up for a $600 package. So admittedly we found it too good to be true, but we decided to get it anyway because the book included discounts for restaurants we really liked. We used two of their vouchers on a family dinner at Alkaff Mansion, saved more than what we paid for the book, and became fans forever.

The premise of the Entertainer is simple: buy one get one free. There are three vouchers each for more than 800 merchants that essentially cover all your entertainment needs (hence the name!). These include fine dining establishments, casual restaurants, upmarket bars, spas, fitness studios and so many more. The only “catch”? You can’t use the vouchers on the eve of public holidays or public holidays themselves. But hey, that’s 24 out of 365 days! Pretty insignificant, really.

So, here are 7 reasons why we absolutely love the Entertainer and have been recommending it to everyone.

1. Never run out of things to do

The sports, pleasure and leisure category of the Entertainer offers activities that can pretty much cover every weekend in a year. You can enjoy a relaxing spa at Spa Luna Sentosa, sweat it out at BBounce studio, or ride out the waves at Wave House Sentosa! The options are truly endless. Because it’s one for one, it also means you get to enjoy the activity with another person, or… do it yourself twice.


See how flexible you are with aerial yoga at Upside Motion!

2. So much value for money

Trust us when we say – you will definitely be able to make back in savings whatever you pay for the Entertainer. Sometimes this could even happen within your first meal, especially if you happen to go to one of the more expensive restaurants. We were so convinced of this that we even bought the Cape Town Entertainer for our honeymoon (even though we were only there for 5 days). We got our money’s worth easily when we used the vouchers for shark-cage diving. We also got to dine at two of the city’s top-rated restaurants and while away a rainy afternoon at a whimsical cafe (:

Shark Cage Diving in Gaansbaai, Cape Town from ETSY Explores on Vimeo.

It definitely helps if the activity you’re looking forward to happens to be offered by the Entertainer!

3. Diversity of quality merchants

What’s amazing about the Entertainer is that it really includes a wide range of fantastic merchants.  We no longer have to worry about looking for restaurants to celebrate birthdays or special events because there are so many options to choose from. Don’t feel like spending too much? You’ll still be covered with the many bistros and cafes that they have or even fast food options like Yoshinoya and Popeye’s. Whether you need a haircut, massage, workout, or somewhere to plonk your kid for a couple of hours, you’re almost guaranteed to find something in the Entertainer that can suit your need.

Entertainer 2017

Some of the more impressive dishes we’ve had, featuring dishes from Pelican, Marmalade Pantry, Au Petit Salut, The Clan Restaurant, Toby’s Estate and Kinki.

4. Have an excuse to travel with the free travel book that’s included in the price

To top off the awesomeness, purchase of the Entertainer app also includes the Entertainer Travel (worth USD 122) for free, which features discounts for more than 500 properties across Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Indian Ocean. You can get one night free when you pay for one night at luxury hotels like Marriott, InterContinental, Fairmont, Conrad, Banyan Tree… you get the idea. Whether you’re looking for a quick getaway at Bintan or Bali, a romantic retreat at the Maldives or Mauritius, or an exotic adventure in Sri Lanka or Morocco, you know you’ll be covered with an abundance of amazing accommodation.

Img Credit: http://www.kiwicollection.com/hotel-detail/dusit-thani-maldives

How about a getaway at the Dusit Thani Maldives Resort?

5. Every hour is a happy hour!

Have you ever been in need of a drink after a long work day, only to realise you just missed happy hour? With the Entertainer’s new Cheers app, this will be a problem of the past. This app offer hundreds of 1-1 deals ranging from single beverages to pitchers and even bottles of wines and spirits at drinking holes like LongPlay, Mad Men Attic, Paulaner, Museo and many more!

6. Smiles all around 

This year, the Entertainer also introduced Smiles – a virtual currency on the Entertainer that basically allows you to earn even as you’re spending. Crazy, right? The number of smiles depends on the estimated savings for the offer, and you can easily find out how much you’ve earned on the redemption screen.  You can also earn smiles by referring new friends, and by unlocking different levels as you redeem more offers on the app. These smiles will allow you to buy back vouchers that you have used at your favourite restaurants or merchants! Spa Infinity, here we come!

7. Sharing is caring

The vouchers can be used by anyone, which means you can up your popularity by sharing the discounts with your family and friends! In all our years of using it, we’ve never succeeded in using up all the vouchers because there are simply too many merchants included in the Entertainer. So you can definitely be a kind soul and share the love with your loved ones. You won’t even feel the pinch because you would have already gotten your money’s worth. In addition, the Entertainer has made it easier for us to do this with their new Ping function. This feature allows you to send up to 10 offers per product, per year to your friends or family even if they don’t own an Entertainer product!


Check out the list of merchants available for Singapore Entertainer 2017 and Cheers Singapore 2017! From now till Nov 30, the Cheers app (RRP SGD 125) comes for free with the Singapore Entertainer 2017 App at a discounted rate of SGD 95 (RRP SGD 125). Trust me, this is a deal you don’t want to miss!

binoculars icon

We were fortunate to receive a complimentary copy of Entertainer Singapore 2017, but we’ve been fans of their product since we first bought it! So yes, we love the Entertainer and would recommend it regardless!

This article first appeared in ETSY Explores.


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