Best Restaurants & Cafes for Catching Rare Pokémon

Best Cafes and Restaurants for Catching Rare Pokemon

Gotta catch ’em all AND fill your tummy?  Imagine this: You’re sitting comfortably in a chair, enjoying a delicious meal with a cup of coffee, and ever so often, a Pokémon pops up on your screen. But this is no Rattata or Pidgey, it’s a Clefairy! And a Seel! And a …

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Afro-Cuban Religion Tour in Havana | Review 

Afro-Cuban Religion Tour Havana

Some will tell you these are practitioners of black magic. You would see them on the streets of Havana. African women, dressed fully in white, with a glass-eyed black doll dressed in yellow between them. Juxtaposed by the immensely colourful backdrop of their set-up, they call out and beckon to …

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A Gastrorgasmic Food Guide to Tokyo

Gastrorgasmic Food Guide to Tokyo

What to Eat in Tokyo In a land where even the consumption of fast food (think: Yoshinoya and Mos Burger) can bring tears of joy to one’s eyes, I dare say that finding a bad meal in Japan is actually a challenge. But with so many options, where would you …

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OH Potong Pasir! Why We Love the Latest OH! Art Walkabout.

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OH! Potong Pasir Tour What do floating dead pigs, ukuleles, tarpaulin and a treehouse have in common? It might surprise you to know they’re all part of the fascinating and ever-changing narrative of Potong Pasir. Once (and to a certain extent, still) considered a sleepy backwater in Singapore’s concrete jungle, …

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