A Gastrorgasmic Food Guide to Bangkok

There are few cities in the world that I personally think could rival Singapore as foodie paradise in terms of value and variety. Bangkok, admittedly, is one of them. We spent a weekend there and left feeling like we want to go back every other weekend because every meal we …

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A Gastrorgasmic Street Food Guide to Penang


Gastrorgasm (n): an intensely pleasurable experience elicited by the consumption of incredibly delicious food, usually with explosive flavours. Likely to induce moans and groans. 

Why We Can’t Stop Recommending the Entertainer

Entertainer Singapore

“What is the Entertainer? We get a free clown?” True story. This conversation actually happened when I tried to offer a friend our Entertainer vouchers for his date. Unlike what its name might suggest, the Entertainer is not a one-stop service for clowns or magicians, although methinks it is pretty magical that one …

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Chef Mudana’s Cooking Class in Sanur | Review

Chef Mudana's Cooking Class

Warning: Chef Mudana’s cooking class will change Balinese food for you. Forever. Not in a bad way, of course. More of a I-can’t-believe-Balinese-food-can-taste-so-good-what-have-I-been-eating-all-this-time sorta way. On our previous trips to Bali, we’d eaten at restaurants that served excellent European and Australian fare, but attempts to search for authentic Balinese food always …

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Best Restaurants & Cafes for Catching Rare Pokémon

Best Cafes and Restaurants for Catching Rare Pokemon

Gotta catch ’em all AND fill your tummy?  Imagine this: You’re sitting comfortably in a chair, enjoying a delicious meal with a cup of coffee, and ever so often, a Pokémon pops up on your screen. But this is no Rattata or Pidgey, it’s a Clefairy! And a Seel! And a …

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