Fulfil Your Bucket List with These 5 Essential Travel Tips

Lots of people say they’ll travel one day, but not all of them take the leap and actually set off.

If you want to get going but don’t know where to start, a bucket list can help you focus and make plans. Follow these five tips and you’ll be travelling in no time!

Think about where you actually want to go

Lots of travel bucket lists are the same, or very similar. There’s a reason for this — destinations become popular because they’re fun and interesting to visit — but you don’t have to stick to tried-and-tested tourist spots if you’d rather go elsewhere.

You might want a classic, romantic getaway in Paris; you might prefer a mid-week break in a little-known European city. There are no wrong answers, although the places on your list should excite you, even after you’ve worked out the practicalities of getting there and back.

(Photo by Ilya Orehov on Unsplash)

(Photo by Ilya Orehov on Unsplash)

Rank the places on your bucket list

Ranking your list will make you realise where your priorities really are and start making plans around them. You’re then less likely to put off visiting your dream destination.

Putting your travel bucket list in order also helps with the practical side of things, both in the short-term and the long-term. Some destinations will only require a day trip or weekend away, while others will be farther and you’ll need more time to get organised.

Travel to more than one place per trip

Once your bucket list is sorted, go through it and see if any of your chosen destinations are close together. Could you see them during the same holiday? Maybe interrailing or a road trip is the way to go?

There’s no reason to rush ticking off your bucket list, but a longer trip with several stops will be an experience you’ll never forget. (It’s often more affordable, too, since you can travel via the most direct routes.)

Make an itinerary — but don’t feel like you have to stick to it

It’s good to have a rough idea of what you want to do and what you want to see. However, nothing ever goes to plan, so be ready to rearrange your schedule if necessary. This leaves room for more spontaneity, especially if you meet fellow travellers or discover hidden gems along the way.

Take time to prepare properly

That means working out your budget, taking out a good travel insurance policy, and packing the essentials.


Take the cost of flights, accommodation, transport and transfers, food, drink and activities into consideration, and don’t forget to research the cost of any attractions you’re interested in seeing.

Always save more than you think you need — this will give you more flexibility and allow you to be more spontaneous.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is an absolute must-have! Medical expenses can reach extortionate levels when you’re abroad, even for relatively minor injuries, so it’s not worth taking the risk.

Make sure your policy covers any medical conditions you have, otherwise your insurance could be invalidated in the unlikely event you have an accident.


Think about the climate of your destination(s) and start there, ensuring you have appropriate clothing for the weather and at least one pair of comfortable shoes.

Keep your passport, tickets, insurance policy details, phone, wallet and camera in a secure but easy-to-reach section of your hand luggage.

Finally, don’t forget to take pictures! Ticking a place off your bucket list is a milestone and you’ll want to remember it for years to come.

Isabel draws energy from being outdoors. 24 and from Singapore, she believes there is nothing more fulfilling than being unplugged. An explorer at heart, the world is her playground. She chronicles her travel adventures and shares her tips, itineraries and hacks on www.belaroundtheworld.com for the millennial travellers.
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